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Important Announcement - Please be aware that our Christchurch and Auckland workshops have been cancelled. 

Our workshops are designed for both the public and practitioners.

No advanced knowledge of diet , biology, or psychology is needed

Learn how to improve your health and vitality, utilizing cutting-edge psychology

This course attracts professional development points for a variety of disciplines. For example, it attracts six CPD points in Psychology and Dietetics, and 5 CEC points for Personal Trainers.

The Weight Escape and Weight Escape Practitioner workshops are now combined into a single course and delivered in two stages.

Stage 1: During the day long workshop, you will learn to increase your own positive health behaviors, whether that be focused on losing weight or some other health goal. This step will be of most relevance to the public and also to practitioners who wish to see how the Weight Escape is administered.

Stage 2: After the workshop, you will receive an 8 week ecourse, along with other support materials that will help you to promote positive health behaviors in others. This step will help practitioners consolidate what they learned in step 1. It will also be of interest to members of the public, who wish to deepen their understanding of the science behind Weight Escape.

Are you a dietician, psychologist, nutritionist, doctor, or other health professionals? Or are you simply a member of the public, interested in learning how to improve your own health and well-being? Are you interested in learning how to apply Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to promoting healthy behavior? Have you noticed how hard it is to motivate yourself or others to engage in healthy behavior, even when their life is a t stake? There is a gap between what people know they "should" do and what they actually do. Our practitioner workshop will help you bridge that psychological gap.

The Weight Escape  workshop will show you how to help your clients make positive health choices. And, unlike other programs, we have scientific evidence to show that this approach works in many health domains.Click here to see a review.

The workshop uses an experiential approach,which means you will learn how to apply Weightescape principles to yourselves and that will give you the best chance of being able to apply it to others.

(Important note: This is an educational workshop, and not therapy)

The 'Weight Escape' workshop is a unique, powerful, and scientifically-proven one-day program for wellbeing and weight loss. It is based on a revolutionary psychological approach to wellbeing and fulfillment: Acceptance and Commitment Training, better known as ACT (which is said as the word 'act'). In this 1-day workshop you will learn:

  • how to develop self-compassion
  • how to effectively handle urges, cravings, and difficult thoughts and feelings
  • how to identify what you most want in life, and set meaningful goals
  • how to take control of your actions, so you can behave like the person you want to be
  • how to motivate yourself in the face of ongoing challenges
  • how to use values and strengths to give your life direction, and make it richer and more rewarding
  • how to eat mindfully and intuitively (and thereby get far more satisfaction from your food)
  • how to overcome common psychological barriers to healthy eating
  • and how to live fully in the present moment

"The Weight Escape workshop gave me the tools and confidence to reach not just my weight goals but to also start reaching my bigger life goals. The presenters' warmth, humour and experience made it a genuinely positive and inspiring day. Their techniques just make so much sense. Highly recommended!" - Josephine, Sales Executive, Sydney.

The 'Weight Escape' workshop will reveal the problems with most popular weight loss programs. And it will shatter many popular myths, such as in order to lose weight you need to think positively, or count every calorie. It will show you why fad diets inevitably fail in the long term, and why even the most sensible of diets can easily backfire if you approach it in the wrong mindset. And most importantly of all, you'll discover what you can do to create a richer, fuller life - right here, right now – instead of waiting until the day you've reached your ideal weight or body size.

"I've started diet after diet only to give up the next day & I've always wondered why I've failed. After participating in the Weight Escape workshop, I feel like I'm a 100% better person. The presenters have made a huge impact on my life.I n the past I have had great difficulty in making decisions and I have always doubted myself. After the workshop, I feel I'm in control of my decisions and I'm not second-guessing myself. I have also received comments that I'm 'glowing'. Now that's pretty great." - Serena Sluyter, Logistics Co-ordinator, Baulkham Hills, Sydney.

This unique workshop will put you, rather than your weight, in charge of your life. And it only costs $265! Compare that to other approaches that charge you hundreds if not thousands of dollars for programs that have no scientific research to prove they work!

There's a great paradox in the ACT approach to this issue. When you make your life all about weight loss, it's a recipe for frustration and misery. But ACT helps you take your weight out of the centre of your life, and instead focus on creating a rich, full and meaningful life, living fully in the present moment. The 'Weight Escape' workshop will teach you to eat mindfully, to be self-compassionate instead of self-critical, to identify your deepest hopes and dreams, to manage difficult emotions and cravings, and to develop more effective ways of using your strengths and achieving your goals. And the paradox? You are far more likely to lose weight and keep it off when you focus first and foremost on building a richer, happier life. Plus, as a great bonus, the very same motivational tools and psychological skills that you use to build such a life will also help you to lose weight. "A fabulous workshop, and a very useful way to assist clients struggling with their weight. The day itself was lively, engaging and practical and I would recommend it both to professionals and to anyone looking for an effective way to let go of their struggles with weight or to attain other life goals". -Jo Morgan, Clinical Psychologist, Canberra

The workshop uses an experiential approach,which means you will learn how to apply Weightescape principles to yourselves and that will give you the best chance of being able to apply it to others.

We pride ourselves on giving great value for money. In addition to the workshop, each attendee will receive:

  • A copy of our book, The Weight Escape (Published by Penguin)
  • A copy of the ebook, The Psychological Science of Weight Loss: A Practitioners Guide
  • Over a dozen client worksheets and audio recordings to help you promote positive health behavior
  • An 8-week follow-up e-course that helps you to further develop your practical skills.

Fee: All this for only $265. There will also be ongoing support available, in the weeks and months following the workshop, via a range of electronic media


Note:  Lunch is not included, but there are plenty of nearby cafes - or you could bring a packed lunch!

The Presenters: Professor Joseph Ciarrochi and Senior Clinical Psychologist Ann Bailey - to find out more about these dynamic presenters, click on: about us

The Scientific Evidence:

A large number of studies have shown that ACT helps people to achieve their goals and become happier (see Ciarrochi, Bilich, and Godsel, 2010, for a review) For two specific studies on weight loss and wellbeing, see below:

One Study had 84 people who wanted to lose weight participate in a day long workshop on ACT, whilst a second group did a gym workout instead. Three months later, people in the ACT group felt better about themselves, were less distressed, and had lost more weight than the gym group. (Lillis, Hayes, Bunting, Masuda, 2009). Click here to download the study.

Another study had 62 women who wanted to lose weight randomized to either ACT or a control group. The control group was asked to keep doing what they had always done – i.e. diet. At six month follow-up, the people who had applied the ACT principles had significantly increased their physical activity and reduced their weight, relative to the diet-as-usual group (Tapper, Shaw, Ilsley, Hill, Bond, & Moore, 2009). Click here to download the study.

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