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The Weight Escape
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Apply Weightescape principles to yourself and your clients.

Are you a dietician, psychologist, nutritionist, doctor, or other health professionals? Are you interested in learning how to apply Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to promoting healthy behavior? Have you noticed how hard it is to motivate yourself or others to engage in healthy behavior, even when their life is a t stake? There is a gap between what people know they "should" do and what they actually do. Our workshop will help you bridge that psychological gap.

The Weight Escape workshop will show you how to help your clients make positive health choices. And, unlike other programs, we have scientific evidence to show that this approach works in many health domains Click here to see a review.

The workshop uses an experiential approach,which means you will learn how to apply Weightescape principles to yourselves and that will give you the best chance of being able to apply it to others. The Weight Escape and Weight Escape Practitioner workshops are now combined into a single course and delivered in two stages. See main page for more details.

(Important note: Weight escape workshops are educational, and are not intended as therapy)

The Weight Escape and Weight Escape Practitioner workshops are now combined into a single course and delivered in two stages.

Stage 1: During the day long workshop, you will learn to increase your own positive health behaviors, whether that be focused on losing weight or some other health goal. This step will be of most relevance to the public and also to practitioners who wish to see how the Weight Escape is administered.

Stage 2: After the workshop, you will receive an 8 week ecourse, along with other support materials that will help you to promote positive health behaviors in others. This step will help practitioners consolidate what they learned in step 1. It will also be of interest to members of the public, who wish to deepen their understanding of the science behind Weight Escape.

We pride ourselves on giving great value for money. In addition to the workshop, each attendee will receive:

  • A copy of our book, The Weight Escape (Published by Penguin)
  • A copy of the ebook, The Psychological Science of Weight Loss: A Practitioners Guide
  • Over a dozen client worksheets and audio recordings to help you promote positive health behavior
  • An 8-week follow-up e-course that helps you to further develop your practical skills.

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